SharePoint is hit, is down, is dead. And jumps back up!!

For the last few years, people who do on-prem SharePoint support (like me) have been a tad bit worried about what we are going to do once Microsoft discontinued SharePoint. Come on, don’t tell me you have thought about it. The rumors that SharePoint 2016 was it for on-prem deploys? The lackluster support, not to mention touting O365 at every turn. Right?

Well, looks like the reports of the death of SharePoint are a bit premature. On May 4th, Microsoft unveiled a new roadmap for SharePoint.

From the session, a few of my takeaways are:

Microsoft likes and believes in SharePoint. I mean really believes. And they want you to believe to. So much so, you’ll see the name “SharePoint” now when logging into O365. That small change, which doesn’t seem like a lot, speaks volumes.

Mobile apps make sense. Not sure who the brainchild was that thought this one up, but the SharePoint mobiles apps are 2 years late. How many people walk around with a laptop in their hands accessing Intranets? Its about time for an app, and a good one. The early reports are that the app works great, and gives mobile users what they’ve desired from a SharePoint/Mobile experience for years.

Delve and Office Graph are the future. Forget about clunky search engines, these products are touted to present the documents you need before you ask for them. Snooping and trust aside, I hope these components work as expected, it would be a huge win.

DLP is the way. It doesn’t matter how cool your collab product is, those attorneys that question everything are going to want to know how you are going to control what happens inside. Governance used to be way we did this, but it’s just a word without teeth. Match your governance with a strong DLP process, and you’ve got a system that makes the users happy, and keeps the attorneys out of your cube (and back in the caves where they belong).

Let’s hope the boys and girls in Redmond can pull all of this off. I waiting, as is everyone, to get 2016 up and running. It’s been a long time since anyone’s been excited about SharePoint. Now you can (no really, it’s OK. Go ahead an give a little ‘whoop!’).