Distributed Cache Services – And Why Not To Ignore It

When I first heard about the Distributed Cache Service in SharePoint 2013, I wasn’t paying as much attention as I should have, and my brain filtered all of the “Now, you want to think about this beast” talk I was hearing. Well, now I’m revisiting the DCS and realizing that if you’re going to build a multi-server farm, you should probably put some effort into how you’re going to make DCS work.

Initially, my brain heard “The DCS caches authentication information so you no longer need to set persistence on your VIPs.” This is correct, it does, but it also plays a massive role in the Social aspects of SP2013.

Fair warning, no whining about “Oh I broke DCS when I patched”, or “Why doesn’t my NewsFeed app update correctly”. You break it, you buy it…

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