Broken SP1 Language Packs

Many months ago, we battled an issue in RTM SharePoint 2013 where if you installed any additional language packs, and went to Central Admin, and tried to change the ULS Logging Levels for Search, the options would be presented to you in the last language pack you installed. Neat…well, kinda, unless the last language pack you installed was Thai, and you can’t read Thai.

We opened a case and went through the Support Mazes until we finally convinced someone at Microsoft that this was a bad thing, and not “working as designed” (oh those conversations were epic).

To our amazement, they fixed the issue in the October 2013 CU. Nice, done and done.

Now we install the SP1 patches for the language packs (after installing SP1), and guess what? You guessed!, the issue is back. So if you’ve installed SP1, and installed SP1 for any additional language packs you have, bop into Central Admin, click on Monitoring, then Configure Diagnostic Logging, the open up Search. Enjoy.

A side note, in our farms the last language pack we installed was German, and I’m not sure what “Fuzzynamenssuche” is, bit it’s hilarious…

I’ll post back when we make it through the support maze and figure out when/if this will be fixed…again.

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