Time Flies…

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post (hey, I’m not an MVP, I have a life and a real job and bills and a dog). News, news, news.

SharePoint 2016 Preview is out, and guess what? No more FIM import. You can use the AD Connector (and you should), or you can connect to a FIM-based system. I’m taking full credit for this (as I should), and for those of you still running or wanting to run on-prem SharePoint 2016, you will no longer know the fear of a corrupt SyncDB, or a messed up incremental sync that requires a full (that won’t start). So, rejoice….

Hybrid SharePoint 2016/O365 looks really good. It would seem that most medium to large companies will probably look at a hybrid solution for SharePoint if they are not already 100% cloud. It makes a lot of sense.

I’ll try to be at this a little more often, but I do have a dog. Really….

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