SP2013/2016 Profile Properties Issue

If you work at a company that still believes a fax machine is a nifty piece of hardware, beware of the Fax property in the User Profile Service in SharePoint 2013/2016. Huh? It’s right there, out of the box.

Says ‘Fax’ and everything.

Well, ok, sorta. For most people, you’re going to want to map that property to something in AD. Ohh, I don’t know, say ‘facsimileTelephoneNumber’. Looks like a great AD property to use to import those all-important Fax numbers into SharePoint. Except you can’t. Our buddies in Redmond decided that the out-of-the-box profile property for Fax is a Single Value property. The AD property ‘facsimileTelephoneNumber’ is a multi-valued property. If you map these two together, you’ll see nasty errors in ULS regarding invalid data type formats. You can’t edit the out-of-the-box property, and you can’t delete it.

This one is pretty easy, just create a new User Profile Property for Fax (call it ‘SuperAdvancedDataTransfer’ if you like), and map that to ‘facsimileTelephoneNumber’.
Then uncheck all of the boxes in the out-of-the-box property so it won’t show up on your user’s profile page. You’re done…

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